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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sliver Lining

So far 2011 has proved to be full of both good and bad things as most years are. Most of these things have been quite significant in my life. This fall my EDS has taken a dive for the worse, bring with it my pain and metal issues. Its like life was trying to see how many balls I could juggle at once. After dropping almost off of them, life covered those balls in melted butter and is now watching me pick them up and trying to to drop them right away.

However much like the rest of my year, this too comes with a silver lining. Sometimes it can be hard to see but I made a list to remind myself.  

What pain has taught me
  • Pain is teaching me how to slow down. Sometimes very forcefully. 
  • Pain is teaching me time management. I have to be ready for when I can't accomplish what I must, like cooking, or laundry.
  • Pain has taught me to fully embrace the days that I am clear of head fog and have the energy to get out of bed. Even it if only lasts a few hours. 
  • Pain is teaching patience. When I'm in pain I am in no rush for anything. This fall has been a complete waiting game. 
  • Pain has taught me how strong I am, and who will be there for me when  I'm not. I may have little shoulders but I've got 2 birds with wings to help me carry my sorrows.

  • I have learned that you have to be your own health advocate.
  • Pain teaches you a lot about your own body and limits.
  • Pain has taught me to smile even when it hurts.
  • Pain has taught me that I don't have to hide what I'm going through. No one will think any less of you and you end up with more support. 
  • Pain has taught me that sometimes you have to ask for help, and some times you have to keep on asking.
  • I've learned that my life and well being is improved by the presences of a furry, cuddly pet. They work wonders at cheering you up.
  • I'm learning that I'm not a burden.
  • I'm learning to accept my present and prepare but not worry about the future.
  • I'm learning that worrying really does nothing. It almost never is the worst possible scenario that I've imagined it to be.

Try and find the silver lining, it can really help you work through things. And go hug a pet!!!

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